Week 1 Recap


By Robert Wykowski


August 12, 2017

With the first week of the NFL season concluded after last nights Monday night games. Here are a couple players who excelled and a couple of players who didn’t quite play as well as every had hoped for. We will first start with the players who excelled such as rookies Kareem Hunt and Kenny Golladay as well as veteran receiver Antonio Brown.

Kareem Hunt played Thursday night against the New England Patriots. Kareem received more reps than expected due to the injury of Kansas running back Spencer Ware. Hunt fumbled during his first carry in the NFL, which came as a shock to most because he only fumbled one other time during his college career. He also ran for 148 yards and 98 receiving, finishing with 246 total yards happened to be the most in an NFL debut.

Kenny Golladay played Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. During his NFL debut, he caught 4 passes for 69 yards. Yes, Golladay was targeting 7 times and only caught 4 passes but he is a rookie and played extremely well under a defense that applies pressure in the secondary. Golladay had caught 2 touchdown passes, one was for 10 yards and the second was for 45 yards which helped solidify the Lions lead. Look for Kenny to receive more reps as the Lions face the New York Giants on Monday Night.

Antonio Brown faced the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. He had 11 receptions for 182 yards as he averaged 16.5 yards per reception. But with all those yards Antonio had not recorded a touchdown. Brown had a stellar performance against the Browns yet the game was close as the Steelers won 21-18. Pittsburgh will face a top ranked Minnesota defense on Sunday, expect corner Xavier Rhodes to shadow Brown for much of the game. 

Those are just 3 of the players that excelled during week 1. Players like Golden Tate, LeSean McCoy, even Jared Goff to name a few others. Now its time discuss my take on a couple players who didn’t exactly excel as people would have hoped for. For example, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, and Le’Veon Bell are a couple to be named.

Tom Brady and Co. played Kansas City and lost 42-27. Brady looked as if he couldn’t make the plays we expected him to make as he had during the Super Bowl. Brady threw 36 passes but was only able to complete 16 of those passes. Yes, he threw for 267 yards but he couldn’t seem to make the plays many were expecting. Brady was sacked 3 times for 20 yards as he also posted a QBR of 35.1 and had at rating of 70. Many believe this is the end of Brady’s career and if the Patriots can lose to the Chiefs could they lose to the Saints during week 2? If so that could be the Patriots worst start since 2001.

Adrian Peterson produced a career low in snaps and yards as a new member of the New Orleans Saints. As he was able to rush the ball 6 times for 18 yards. Peterson wasn’t going to get many carries since by the end of the first half he only handled the ball 4 times. He was also targeted once but didn’t catch the ball. Not to mention Peterson faced his former team the Minnesota Vikings whom of which he was the face of for 9 seasons. 

Despite the hype about Le’Veon Bell and how many people thought he would have a terrific game against the Cleveland Browns, little did anyone know the exact opposite was going to happen. Bell had rushed the ball 10 times for 32 yards but showed a flash of excitement for fans as his longest rush was for 15 yards. Bell also caught 3 of his 6 passes for a total of 15 yards. Bell didn’t quite live up the hype as being one of the best backs in the game, granted its only week one so I don’t expect to see a poor performance out of him again this season.

During week one those are a couple names who performance stood out to me the most. As the season continues I expect to see other players step up for their respected team or players to hit an unexpected rough patch