The 5th Down FF Way too Early 2018 Mock Draft

February 9, 2018


           It’s still only February and The 5th Down FF is already looking into the 2018 season with a 12 team, 10-round mock draft. For the purposes of this mock draft, it will be for PPR and after each pick, each writer will have a brief explanation of their pick. The point of this article is to give us an idea of how the draft could end up going. The goal is to hold at least one mock draft each month leading up to September. We have eleven writers for 12 teams, so one of us will draft two teams. The drafters for this mock draft are Matt Bradley, Steve Behlman Jr., John McGlynn, Logan Mihoci, Telmo Costa (twice), Johnny Slokes, Chris Varner, Mike Fanelli, Kegan Miller, and Greg Ha, and Aadi Kadakia. Be nice, we started this mock before the Alex Smith trade and obviously the Jimmy Garoppolo signing. 


 1.01 RB Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams

Getting a pass-catching running back that is on a high powered offense with a lot of touches is crucial for being strong at the RB position. That’s why I am taking Todd Gurley with my first pick. - Matt Bradley @mattjbrad910

1.02 RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

This is splitting hairs but I’m going to go Zeke here. Mainly in part because I believe he will be out to prove something due to this year's suspension debacle. I believe his rushing numbers in 18’ will outweigh Bell’s catches. *(Zeke had over 100 yards rushing in 50% of his games played in 17’) - Steve Behlman @Redraftwarrior

1.03 RB Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers

Although holdouts and possible trade demands loom in the off-season, I see Pitt locking up the best PPR weapon in football for a 2 or 3 year deal. The return of Big Ben, Brown, and Juju, will just open up the running game and dump off passes even more for Bell. Love that he fell to me. - John McGlynn @jfmcglynn

1.04 WR Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

I am going with Brown here over Johnson because Brown is by far the most utilized WR in the NFL and we aren’t sure what the Cardinals will look like without Arians and Palmer next season. Brown has proven season after season that he is THE number 1 PPR fantasy WR and having him on my team allows me an advantage each and every week of the fantasy season. - Logan Mihoci @KnowitallFF


1.05 RB David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals

DJ is proven to have the hands of an elite WR. The worst-case scenario that could come with not having Palmer is that the Cards rely on the run game more. Either way, the volume will be there for Johnson. The fact that he was hoping to return in 2017 means there will be no issues with his wrist come next season. - Telmo Costa @DFF_TelmoTalks

1.06 WR DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans

I’m so happy this stud just fell right into my lap. Just feel like he is a better value than Kareem Hunt in this spot and I just love WRs in general. I didn’t really have to think too hard about this one. Hopkins is a target hog, this dude has 517 targets over the last 3 years. Could this be the year he jumps AB? - Johnny Slokes @JohnnySlokes

1.07 RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

The perfect back a for Sean Payton lead offense. With volume in receiving and break away speed Kamara can beat teams with both rushing and receiving the football. - Chris Varner @ffstatman

1.08 WR Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants

For some reason, my colleagues picking ahead of me must have forgotten about OBJ and his one-handed catches. Eli Manning is likely to remain the Giants starting quarterback for 2018, even if they draft a rookie at pick number two. In 47 career games, Beckham is averaging 6.7 catches for 94.1 yards and 0.81 touchdowns per game. I’ll take that kind of production on Sundays! - Mike Fanelli @MikeSports22

1.09 RB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

This season was just a taste of what Hunt can do. The only thing that held Hunt back this year was the lack of touches he was getting. Assuming Patrick Mahomes will be starting next year this helps Hunt in almost every way. Taking the pressure off an inexperienced QB by using the run game and dump off passes will be key. - Telmo Costa @DFF_TelmoTalks

1.10 RB Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers

Rule of thumb, if you can still get a 3 down back here, do it! I love getting me high volume backs early and this could be a year where you could get 2. Melvin is as solid as it gets here, he seamlessly gets a TD almost weekly. K-Mill @kmill5thdown

1.11 RB Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags offense runs through him. A true bell-cow back, he will get 20+ touches a game as long as he stays healthy. Greg Ha @FantasyTake

1.12 RB Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

Cook did not play much last season due to the injury, but showed the highest ceiling of all the rookie running backs, especially in a PPR league. Kamara can catch and Fournette can run, but Cook is a 3 down back who can do everything. Expect big things from Dalvin Cook. - Aadi Kadakia @LockerRInsider

2.01 WR Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints

Thomas showed everyone this year why Cooks was traded. Sure, the Saints were given a 1st round pick for him, but the team was only comfortable with doing so due to Thomas likely proving in the offseason that he could be an elite WR. He had a big year in 2017, but I expect him to be a top 3 fantasy receiver in the upcoming season. - Aadi Kadakia

2.02 WR Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers

I'm not worried about all the mouths to feed anymore. Keenan showed he is Rivers' favorite target and came through big time for owners who last year "gambled" on a player that has been injured more often than not in the last few years. Allen led all WRs in red zone targets inside of the 10 with 15. - Greg Ha

2.03 RB LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills

I am very happy to land Shady here. Pairing him up with Melvin Gordon should give me solid production at the RB position. Excellent 1-2 punch to give me that #ExtraDownAdvantage. - K-Mill

2.04 RB Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

Despite CMC going into his sophomore year, the other players around him at this time in the draft show off too many red flags for me. Pairing up McCaffrey’s high floor with Hunt’s high ceiling is a perfect match for me. - Telmo Costa

2.05 RB Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

The recent run on running backs is forcing me to take Henry a little earlier than I would like. However, Henry should be in line for a huge workload next season as DeMarco Murray will be released this spring. In the wild-card game against the Chiefs. Henry had 23 carries for 153 yards and a touchdown. #FreeDerrickHenry is finally here! - Mike Fanelli

2.06 WR AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals

After any awful offensive year for the Bengals as a whole, I fully expect a bounce back in production here. AJG is also my bounce back player of the year. - Chris Varner

 Feb 5, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) makes a catch during Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2.07 WR Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

Well, would you look at that? Look who fell right on my lap. I know he is coming off a down year but I love taking falling talent that is obviously proven. I feel like this is a steal and will be very happy to pair up Hopkins with Julio. - Johnny Slokes

2.08 RB Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons

I don’t hate this pick at 2.08 in the draft. I was considering a WR but there are so many WRs I still like on the board and very little RBs I can count on to start weekly. Freeman was the logical choice in this situation. The best of the rest. - Telmo Costa

2.09 RB Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears

Last year I was down on Howard believing his rookie numbers were flukey. Now I'm swinging back around, just like Gurley in his 3rd year. Howard finished as a top 12 RB last year and has the ability to finish as THE #1 RB and I'm getting him in the late second. -Logan Mihoci

2.10 RB Saquon Barkley, TBD

A new contender. Barkley is a game changer. The NFL is changing into a PPR running back league, and with the likes of Gurley, Elliot, and Fournette changing the faces of their respective franchises, I expect a new look to the lucky team who lands Barkley also. - John McGlynn

2.11 WR Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even with an up and down year for the Bucs, Evans surpassed 1,000 yards again for the 4th consecutive season. Last season TDs were due to regress, and they did (5). Especially with the emergence of the TE’s (combined for 12 TDs). With the personnel basically staying the same, he is still a top target for Winston. I love his ceiling and lock for about 10 targets a game. - Steve Behlman Jr

2.12 TE Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

Drafting a stud RB in Todd Gurley with my first pick gives me time to address the RB position later. Usually, I like to go WR/WR with the turn picks but if Gronk falls here then I’m taking him in a heartbeat. I do usually wait for TEs but Gronk is a level above everyone else and gives me a weekly advantage over my opponent at the position, not the mention the GOAT is throwing to him. - Matt Bradley

3.01 WR Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers

First three picks, I am for sure drafting RB and WR. Jordy Nelson might seem like a reach here based on Fantasy Football Calculator ADP, but at the turns, you have to reach for guys you believe in and I believe in Jordy. Has the track record of being a WR1, has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him, and he scores a lot of TDs. Jordy could end up being the Fantasy Football MVP for next year if his ADP stays this low. - Matt Bradley

3.02 WR Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

This one was a little tough for me. I ended deciding on Tyreek Hill here. The dude showed a lot of people he wasn’t just a fluke and had what it took to be a full-time receiver with 75 catches, over 1,200 all-purpose yards, and 7 TDs. With Pat Mahomes expected at the helm next season, I think you can see him having an even better year in 18’ - Steve Behlman

3.03 TE Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

It was either grab a solid flex RB or take one of the many average WRs here. Since TE is a position to fill, I took the best one in the league. - John McGlynn

3.04 WR Brandin Cooks, New England Patriots

This is where I look at what the rest of the league has. I started with WR/RB so I need a number 2 here. I see 4 teams went RB/RB so I expect them to stockpile WRs before I'll get my next pick so I took the WR highest on my board. And I believe he has an incredible season in ‘18 getting a full year and a full offseason under his belt with Brady. - Logan Mihoci

3.05 QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Stud. I wanted to take Kelce/Gronk here but I got beat to it. Looking to zig after a 4 WR zag I figured I’d lock up QB1 for myself and aim for quality high ceiling WRs in the middle rounds. - Telmo Costa

3.06 RB Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints

I’m not sure how he fell to the 3rd. I guess he just got lost in the mix. Anyhow, after going with Hopkins and Julio, I really needed to start thinking about a back and a guy that finished nearly a top 5 overall back last year fell right into my lap. - Johnny Slokes

3.07 WR Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

Look, I think maybe people have forgotten who the #1 target is in New England. Edelman and Brady will be quick to remind. Yes, there is a concern for injury but the reward, if he is healthy, will be a WR1. - Chris Varner

3.08 WR T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts

One year without Andrew Luck and everyone forgot all about Hilton. Even with Jacoby Brissett throwing to him, Hilton still had 57 catches for 966 yards and four touchdowns. He ranked 18th in the league in receiving yards despite the poor quarterback play. Andrew Luck is expected to be 100% healthy for the 2018 season and assuming he is, Hilton should have been a top 15 pick. - Mike Fanelli


3.09 WR Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers

Adams just got paid. In Rodger’s absence, he was the only Packer worth owning. This will translate to Adams being the focal point of the passing game. Nelson is past his prime, it is Adams’ time. - Telmo Costa

3.10 WR Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks

This is a much better value for Baldwin than last year. I needed a WR and they are starting to come off the board so I want to make sure I get mine here. I think Dougie can be better than last year with Russell Wilson back there. Late 3rd isn’t bad for Doug Baldwin. - K-Mill

3.11 RB Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals

Expected to have a huge rookie season and he fell flat. This was a down year for the entire Bengals team and I think he will bounce back and have an incredible sophomore year. - Greg Ha

3.12 WR Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns

Gordon will be back. He showed flashes of his old selff but did not have his old production with Kizer throwing the ball. But this year, it looks like the Browns will be bringing in someone much better. Gordon's gonna be the number one target and will bring in big production in the red zone. - Aadi Kadakia

4.01 RB Dion Lewis, New England Patriots

Lewis has shown this past season that he is far and away the best runner in New England. With Gillislee seeing almost no snaps, James White’s reduced role, and Burkhead not under contract for 2018, Lewis will be the starting 3-down back. A very high ceiling for Lewis. - Aadi Kadakia

4.02 WR Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings

I’m Feelin Thielen. Thielen exploded onto the scene finishing as the WR9 overall in ESPN PPR leagues. I think he builds on last season’s success and continues his tear in 2018. - Greg Ha

4.03 WR Golden Tate, Detroit Lions

Not a sexy pick but I like the floor Golden Tate brings me. I don’t really care for the player but love the consistency he brings me from year to year. Pairing him up with Baldwin gives me 2 solid floor producing wideouts. - K-Mill

4.04 WR Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings

I was really impressed with what I saw from Diggs in 2017. The obvious flag here is not knowing who his QB will be but the Vikings are a very good and well-rounded team. Unless Tom Savage is the starting QB next season, I’m confident with anyone else throwing to Diggs. - Telmo Costa

4.05 RB Kenyan Drake, Miami Dolphins

After the Jay Ajayi trade the Dolphins were giving carries to both Damien Williams and Drake with mixed results. However, Williams missed the last five games of the season with shoulder injury giving Drake a chance as the feature back. During that five-game span, Drake averaged 17.7 PPR fantasy points per game. With Williams a pending free agent, it should be the Drake show in 2018. - Mike Fanelli

4.06 QB Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Look, I'm usually a wait until late for QB guy. But what the world saw last year was mind-numbing. Lots of risk again but the upside is unreal. Plus, I'm not about to let Slokes get the 1-2 punch. - Chris Varner

4.07 WR Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins

Every year this dude is a PPR machine and he was even starting to catch some TDs this past year. Landry has the type of skill set that translates well from team to team. He has the type of consistency that sets teams up nicely at WR. Over 66% of his games he was a WR2 or higher. - Johnny Slokes

4.08 WR Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

I can't complain about landing Dez as my WR2. Now with #zekegate passed them I expect the ‘Boys to return to their 2016 ways. - Telmo Costa

Broncos Eagles Football

4.09 RB Jay Ajayi, Philadelphia Eagles

I almost took him with my third round pick. I am expecting big things from Ajayi this year. He led the league in yards after contact in 2017 and once Jason Peters is back next season that will be the best o-line again. I also believe Blount won’t be back next season as he only had a one year deal and I think that was the main reason they traded for Ajayi. I'm expecting a solid RB2 season from Ajayi in 2018. - Logan Mihoci

4.10 RB Carlos Hyde, San Francisco (So far)

I am in desperation mode for a wide receiver, but no way I could pass on Hyde in almost the 5th round as my flex. I'll be almost strictly wide receiver from here on out for a while, as there are a ton of good wide receivers still on the board. - John McGlynn

4.11 WR Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders

I feel like Cooper could be this year’s D-Hop. We know he has the talent to do it. With a new year and a new HC Jon Gruden, I believe targets and fantasy production is on its way. There have been rumblings that Michael Crabtree won’t be wearing silver and black in 18’. Gruden has been known to give his #1 WR 150 targets a game and getting production out of them. A la Jerry Rice. I think the offense as a whole takes a step forward this season. A consensus top pick in 17’s drafts. I will love to scoop up Cooper as my WR3. - Steve Behlman

4.12 WR Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon gambled on himself this season and won an extension with the Eagles. Now he is the big WR in an offense led by Carson Wentz, who would have won MVP if he didn’t destroy his ACL. 4th round is excellent value for Alshon and a great WR2 for your fantasy team. - Matt Bradley

5.01 RB Lamar Miller, Houston Texans

As a whole, Miller wasn’t that impressive this past season. However, he did play better when Watson was the signal caller for the team since a lot of teams would game plan against the run and have Houston beat them with Savage/Yates throwing the ball. Miller will be an excellent RB2 for teams next year and will get great value for him in drafts. - Matt Bradley

5.02 RB Derrius Guice, TBD

With Barkley gone, I’m taking the 2nd rookie RB off the board. I see a bright future for Guice in the NFL no matter what team lands him. The way he bounces off defenders it reminds me a mix of LT and Gore. The knock on him is his pass pro and he hasn't had a ton of work in the receiving game. That said I still think he has great hands. LT wasn't a huge pass catcher in his college days and we know how productive he was in that area. With Zeke as my RB1, I feel like I can roll the dice with the upside of Guice here. - Steve Behlman


5.03 WR Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars (For now)

In 2015, Allen Robinson had 80 catches for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. A sophomore slump cut his production results on almost the same number of receptions in half. 2017 was going to be a bounce-back year for Robinson. It did not work out that way, as after one catch for 17 yards, he was forced out for the year with a torn ACL. Rolling the dice on my first receiver so far on a bounce-back year for Robinson. -John McGlynn

5.04 WR Sammy Watkins, Los Angeles Rams

Taking Sammy here was tough, but I do believe he has a much bigger role in 2018. Wide receivers changing teams tend to struggle their first season because they don’t have the same rapport with the new QB. Watkins only had three weeks with Goff before the start of the season. With Watkins talent alone and having an entire offseason and going into his second year with LA, I believe he can finally have that healthy breakout season people were expecting last season. - Logan Mihoci

5.05 TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles

Continuing my idea that the WR pool is still very deep, I needed to grab a TE. Last year’s TE3 seemed like a great value in the 5th round. After the obvious Gronk and Kelce, Ertz is the next top guy - Telmo Costa

5.06 TE Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers

I fully expect Greg Olsen to come back strong in 2018 and return to this team’s number 1 option. Sure, you are worried about his foot and he is getting up there in age but he is one of the few tight ends in this league with a safer floor and with the positional scarcity of this position, I don’t mind paying a 5th of a tight end of this caliber. - Johnny Slokes

5.07 RB Marlon Mack, Indianapolis Colts

This is a mock, so I'm taking more risk than I normally would. But with a new coaching regime coming in, Frank Gore can no longer sustain RB12 production. I believe Marlon Mack will be the breakout RB of the year. Hopefully, Luck will return healthy and that will only improve his value because he is a great receiving back. - Chris Varner

5.08 WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Yes, both Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer retired right after the end of the 2017 season and there is a chance that Fitzgerald joins them. However, this is a January mock draft and I’m banking on Fitzgerald returning in 2018. Fitzgerald has put up three straight seasons with 107 or more catches for at least 1,023 yards and at least six touchdowns. This year alone he caught passes from three different quarterbacks. No matter who is under center in 2018 for the Cardinals, they will target Fitzgerald a ton. - Mike Fanelli

5.09 WR Devin Funchess, Carolina Panthers

Funchess was by far the only WR to produce in Carolina. This might be a reach but I feel next year Funchess finds more consistency. - Telmo Costa

5.10 RB C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos

He quietly 1000 yards in 2017 and I think he did enough to keep his job going into next year. Everyone at this point in the draft will have some dents in their armor, it's all about how you interpret those dents when making tough choices. I just think that he is a better back than Booker and I’m fine with him as my flex. - K-Mill

5.11 QB Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Russell uses both his arms and his feet to create points for your fantasy team. He is almost a lock to finish as a top 5 QB with his style of play and offense. - Greg Ha

5.12 RB Chris Thompson, Washington Redskins

Do not forget about Chris Thompson. Thompson is extremely dangerous as a pass catcher and will be a perfect fit for a PPR league. With Cousins likely gone, RB Chris Thompson may be more relied upon in the run game, which makes a two-headed monster. He’s my third RB, but I see him as an excellent flex option, and a possible replacement for Cook and Lewis, who have struggled with injuries in the past. - Aadi Kadakia

6.01 QB Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Wentz had a breakout year last year and was even an MVP candidate. I expect him to play even better this year, and I see the Eagles picking up some more pass catchers this offseason to help him out. - Aadi Kadakia

6.02 RB Duke Johnson, Cleveland Browns

This all changes if the Browns take Barkley of course. Duke finished as a top 10 RB in ESPN PPR leagues and saw an increased workload as the season progressed. - Greg Ha


6.03 QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Now is a good time for a QB. Surprised he is still available. An older QB that is still playing at a high level.. I usually like to wait on QB but this is excellent value. - K-Mill

6.04 RB Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks

I believe Carson is the best back currently on the Seahawks' roster. I also believe that they know that too and will use him so. As of right now, this is an optimistic pick but once I see some of the RB depth chart in Seattle getting chopped down I’ll feel better about it. - Telmo Costa

6.05 RB Ronald Jones II, TBD

Drafting rookies before knowing what team they will be on is a risky move. However, Jones had a terrific career at USC and has a real shot of going in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. Jones reminds several scouts of Dalvin Cook, and Cook was killing it in fantasy before he got hurt this season. - Mike Fanelli

6.06 RB Rashaad Penny, TBD

Penny is a rare talent. I'm not sure who’s going to draft him but best believe this kid will make an immediate impact on Sundays. He broke every record that Marshall Faulk owned at SDSU. This kid is a transcendent talent. - Chris Varner

6.07 RB Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Vikings

I really need a RB and I’m kind of thinking outside the box and rolling the dice on this one. There is a decent chance that McKinnon will get an opportunity to be a starting running back somewhere via free agency. I’d hope it would be somewhere juicy like Seattle or maybe even Tampa Bay. Either way, I think Jerick McKinnon could be solid next year. - Johnny Slokes

6.08 RB Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns

Going on the assumption that Crowell stays in Cleveland and the hopes that Barkley does not get drafted there. Crowell is consistent enough for me to draft as a Flex in the mid-6th round. - Telmo Costa

6.09 RB Alex Collins, Baltimore Ravens

He is the last RB I feel comfortable that will still have a greater than 60% time share of his backfield. Woodhead is still under contract but after a few injury-riddled seasons and starting to become “old for a running back,” doesn't have me too nervous that he’ll eat majorly into Collins' production. As a RB3, I'm more than glad to grab him at the end of 6th round. In fact, I think I'll Riverdance about it. -Logan Mihoci

6.10 WR Juju Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers

Juju showed flashes of greatness this year taking over the #2 spot in Pitt this year. Teams just cannot cover Bell and Brown. When they do, Juju has huge games. - John McGlynn

6.11 RB Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons

Lots of talent available in this round but I ultimately decided on Coleman here. I know he has to compete for touches with Freeman. But the dude has been pretty damn consistent over the past 2 seasons. Coleman offers stand-alone PPR value and gives you an RB1 in case anything were to happen to Freeman. - Steve Behlman

6.12 RB Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers

Might as well continue the run of questionable RBs with a guy who I'd love on my fantasy teams. Ty Montgomery is more than likely going to go back to the WR position leaving Williams and Aaron Jones to fight for the Green Bay backfield. Whoever comes out as top dog will be a huge value to fantasy owners. Jamaal actually had the first crack at the job when Ty went down this season but got injured. He would recover and make an impressive run before the playoffs. I expect more of the same all season long from Jamaal. - Matt Bradley

7.01 WR Pierre Garcon, San Francisco 49ers

Don’t sleep on Garcon as he is a guy who people will have forgotten about because of Marcus Goodwin’s run but Garcon in 2017 never had Jimmy “GQ” Garoppolo throwing to him. I believe that Garcon will be fed with targets much likes his days with RG3. Garcon is also a safe floor, PPR type to provide stability to my high touchdown WRs in Nelson and Jeffery. - Matt Bradley

7.02 RB Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears

There was a few WRs I like in this round but with the receivers I have already drafted I figured I shore up my RB position and gladly scoop up Cohen. They don't call this guy the human joystick for nothing. He has shown with limited opportunity what he can bring to the table. I've never been a huge fan of Howard. And yes I know where he finished last year. With new HC Matt Nagy, one can only hope he can find creative ways to get the ball in Cohen's hands early and often. - Steve Behlman

7.03 WR Corey Davis Tennessee Titans

THE MAN of last year draft did not really pan out because of injuries and being a little off on timing with Mariota. Hopefully, the off-season can rectify any problems and get this possible dynamic duo on track. - John McGlynn

7.04 TE Evan Engram, New York Giants

This is typically earlier than I take a TE and probably even earlier than Engram will go. Being a shortened mock I wanted to get my roster filled out and to grab “my guys.” Engram in my number 4 this year after the big 3 (Gronk, Kelce, and Ertz). He has elite athleticism and is on a team with no shortage of receiving options outside allowing the D fewer opportunities to put Safeties or Corners on him, giving him the mismatch advantage on linebackers. I'm expecting a big break out season this year with Pat Shurmur, just look at Rudolph this season. - Logan Mihoci

7.05 WR Will Fuller V, Houston Texans

A healthy Watson means TDs for Fuller. Feel free to draft him in non-PPR leagues if you see him in the 7th. - Telmo Costa

7.06 RB Samaje Perine, Washington Redskins

I’m not sure how good this offense will be next year or who the quarterback will even be but I do feel like Perine will be the starting RB next year and should still see a solid volume of carries. I’ll take that in the middle rounds. - Johnny Slokes

7.07 RB Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions

Look this dude has all the talent in the world. A new staff should equal new opportunities. This is a VERY high-risk pick. But we've all been predicting a breakout for this guy and this could be exactly what he's needed. - Chris Varner

7.08 QB Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Clearly, I have very little concern about Luck’s shoulder affecting him next season. When Luck has played he always finishes the season as a top-five fantasy quarterback. Stacking Luck with his big-play receiver, Hilton, gives me a chance to stack some big fantasy points this season. - Mike Fanelli

7.09 TE Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings

Rudolph is the poor man’s Kelce. With that being said I always liked him and he was best available at the position I needed. - Telmo Costa


7.10 WR Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

Not a bad pick here, I know that his value has dropped over the past 2 seasons. I’m more hoping that my Broncos can get their quarterback situation straightened out. I believe that DT still has the talent and hopefully, we all see the DT that we all know this year. - K-Mill

7.11 RB Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots

If Tom Brady and Belichick both return this is a no-brainer for me. They used Rex Burkhead liberally near the end of the season after he came back from injury. He was their goal line back as well as preferred receiving back. - Greg Ha

7.12 TE Hunter Henry, Los Angeles Chargers

I was originally considering taking Jordan Reed here, but with their questions mark at QB and his injury problems, I realized Henry is the better option. Henry will take the starting role and begin to see considerably more targets, especially in the red zone. Happy he fell to me. - Aadi Kadakia

8.01 WR Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers

Expect a bounce-back year. Bryant really showed up later on in the year and is once again comfortable with Ben and this team. He’s gonna have to play big, considering he’s gonna want to get paid for this upcoming contract year. - Aadi Kadakia

8.02 TE Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks

While his volume of passes went down last season, one thing was for certain, Russell Wilson looked for him almost every end zone opportunity. He had a league-leading 16 targets inside the 10-yard line and a whopping 50% conversion rate. - Greg Ha

8.03 TE Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans

Figured this was as good of a time as possible to get a TE. There seemed to be a little mini-run on tight ends and Walker is usually somewhere around the top 5 every year. A very solid and safe pick - K-Mill


8.04 QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints There were many quality QBs still available at this point. Not many of them have thrown for over 4000 yards 12 years in a row. Brees’ yards and TDs may have been on the lower end this past year but his completion % was a career high and his interceptions the lowest he has ever had with the Saints. He hasn’t lost a step, the only take away from his status as one of the best QBs ever is that he played in the same era as Brady. - Telmo Costa

8.05 RB James White, New England Patriots

The only running back on the Patriots roster with guaranteed money for next season is White. While Dion Lewis had a bigger role this season he will be a free agent and will likely get a big enough offer on the market that the Patriots will move on. The Patriots seem to be able to plug in any running back into their system and be successful. White is a staple of that offense and in PPR leagues, he is a sneaky weekly FLEX option. - Mike Fanelli

8.06 WR Marquise Goodwin, San Francisco 49ers

Garoppolo had a great rapport with Goodwin and he's a world-class track star in addition to being a great receiver. I fully expect this connection to pay huge dividends, especially in best ball formats.

8.07 RB Theo Riddick, Detroit Lions

I’ll take another solid PPR asset. He had a bit of a down season last year. Thought about taking DeMarco Murray but said fuck it, it’s January, let’s get saucy. Maybe the Lions get fed up with Abdullah. Perhaps they draft a RB or pick one up via FA but one thing that should likely stay a part of this team’s offense is Theo Riddick because of the mismatches he can create. - Johnny Slokes

8.08 WR Michael Crabtree, Oakland Raiders

Over the last 3 years in Oakland, Crabs has averaged 77 receptions for 848 yards and 8 TDs. Granted this past year was the worst of the 3 that’s not Crabtree’s fault, just ask the golden boy Amari Cooper. Even if he doesn’t stay in Oakland, Crabtree has proven he can produce numbers. In the 8th round, this is a steal. - Telmo Costa

8.09 WR Cameron Meredith, Chicago Bears

Someone has to catch the ball in Chicago, right? I liked Meredith going into last season until he hurt his knee in the 3rd preseason game (in which he looked good). With Trubisky having a season under his belt and expected to improve, I assume Meredith will be a safe play for 5-10 points on any week. I assume they’ll bring in another WR in the offseason, but doesn't mean he won't be a solid number two on that team. -Logan Mihoci

8.10 WR Cooper Kupp, LA Rams

As a rookie with 62 receptions on 94 targets, 14 yards per reception with a total of 869 yards, and 5 touchdowns, Cooper may only have a bigger role next year if he holds on to the 5 near miss end zone drops he had. I'm taking Kupp here with confidence in his sophomore year. John McGlynn

8.11 WR Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles

I was really hoping to round out my WRs with Cooper Kupp here. Thanks to the commish sniping him the pick before, I’ll have to go another route. Normally I might just take a stab at OJ Howard here. I think the Bucs feature him as their full-time TE and let Cam Brate go. But because I drafted Mike Evans and the fact I usually stream TE, I’ll pass on him and take a chance with Nelson Agholor at this point in the draft. His rapport is only going to grow in this up and coming Wentz led Eagles offense. - Steve Behlman

8.12 RB Bilal Powell, New York Jets

Powell as of now still has a starting job as the Jets RB. I fully expect the Jets to address the RB position in the offseason but what I like about Powell is that he can catch the ball out of the backfield. That might be his only role, but I would rather have an RB that is on the field then draft someone here where it’s a long shot for them to be Fantasy relevant. - Matt Bradley

9.01 QB Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

I usually go with the strategy of taking two QBs with my last two picks before defense and kicker. The first pick I want to take a shot on a guy who can end the year as a top 5 QB. Kirk Cousins is my candidate. He is a Redskin, for now, however, I believe his future is in Denver, Arizona, Cleveland, heck even Minneapolis. Cousins started the year on fire but single digit games ruined his fantasy value making him frustrating to own. I’m banking that bad taste is still in owner’s mouths and I get a value for Captain Kirk. - Matt Bradley

9.02 QB Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

At this point in the mock. It came down to 2 Qbs for me. Mariota and Garoppolo. I decided to go with Jimmy G mainly because this is a 6pt per pass TD league. If you watched this kid play at the end of this season, you know how level-headed he is and how he just has that "IT" factor. He is a perfect fit for Shanahan's offense. He wanted him in February and he ended up getting him for a 2nd in Oct. The Niners have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft and they have 100 million dollars in cap space for 18'. Jimmy G and the Niners could make some serious noise this year. - Steve Behlman

9.03 RB Nick Chubb, TBD

My run on WRs is over and the best value in the draft now is Chubb. A knee injury has raised questions about his health, but his toughness, his power, his breaking tackles, and his non-stop motor make him NFL ready. Although not primarily used a receiver out of the backfield, he has well above average blocking and receiving skills. - John McGlynn

9.04 RB Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders

There are many, many questions about this team and backfield entering the 2018 season. However, if Lynch doesn't retire and the raiders don’t get in another new back, I just landed a very safe RB2/Flex guy in the 9th round. He finished as RB 24 last year with over 800 yards. If that team is more competitive this season, I’d expect to get even more opportunities. -Logan Mihoci


9.05 WR Marvin Jones Jr, Detroit Lions

I needed a WR here and was pleasantly surprised he fell this far. #winning - Telmo Costa

9.06 WR Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams

I was thinking about him in the last round and decided to wait and see for another round and boom. Woods was fairly productive last year and then he suffered an injury. If you look at his numbers at a per game average, he was WR17 this past year. I’ll take that type of potential at this point of the draft. - Johnny Slokes

9.07 TE George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

I really have little to say here. Tight ends are at a premium and this one has a ton of upside. Kittle was a man on fire once Garoppolo took the field. He's athletic and can block. Should put up TE1 numbers this year. I Have him projected as a top 10 guy. - Chris Varner

9.08 QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

I already have Luck but I always like to have two quarterbacks leaving a draft unless I get Rodgers. Roethlisberger has a crazy home/road split but when he has big games at home they usually result in a win for my fantasy team. - Mike Fanelli

9.09 RB DeMarco Murray, Tennessee Titans

Even if Murray doesn't end up in Tennessee this year he is still good enough to compete. Most of this past season he spent playing through injury, I’m looking forward to a healed up DeMarco - Telmo Costa

9.10 RB Wayne Gallman, New York Giants

I don’t know if he will be a full-blown starter or if they will draft a guy but I do know that they were using Gallman more down the stretch last year. Maybe it’s because they wanted to see what they had in him or maybe they just liked him. Either way, a back with this many question marks deserves a back of the 9th round pick. - K-Mill

9.11. Emmanuel Sanders WR, Denver Broncos

When healthy last year Manny showed to be his old self. While not putting up Manning numbers Siemian often looked to Sanders as his primary target choice. Osweiler, on the other hand, seemed to prefer DT. There is a risk with this pick, but huge upside for a late 9th round selection. - Greg Ha

9.12 WR Dede Westbrook, Jacksonville Jaguars

With Westbrook likely having a much better QB next year, I expect a much better season. Should be a breakout year for the kid, and with ARob likely gone, he should be seeing more targets. - Aadi Kadakia

10.01 RB D’onta Foreman, Houston Texans

Foreman was already seeing more snaps with the aging Lamar Miller not performing like he used to. He's a goal-line machine and should be great for racking up points in Fantasy leagues. - Aadi Kadakia

10.02 WR Robby Anderson, NY Jets

Taking a risk given his legal problems but when Robby played with McCown last year he was fire. Anderson had 5 game stretch where he grabbed 6 total TDs notching at least 1 in every game before McCown went down. With a decent QB, Anderson has the skill set to post huge numbers.

10.03 WR Sterling Shepard, New York Giants

Maybe Eli is back for next year or maybe he isn’t. Maybe they have someone new at quarterback, someone more exciting and brings their offense to a new level. I don’t know! But I do know that Sterling Shepard was productive when healthy last year. - K-Mill

10.04 WR Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins

After hearing news of Alex Smith being traded and the nice contract he just got I’m buying in on Crowder. Smith basically only passes to 2 players and besides Chris Thompson, I’m betting on Crowder for the most targeted. - Telmo Costa

10.05 TE Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins

I’m surprised he lasted this long despite all his injury history. Even with the injury history, Reed is a top-five tight end when he is on the field. To grab him in the tenth round is just a good value pick. I can always stream tight ends if Reed’s injury history becomes more of a pain than he is worth. - Mike Fanelli

10.06 QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

With yesterday's breaking trade the Mahomes era is officially underway. QB with insane upside but I'm sure his gunslinger mentality will drive us nuts sometimes but with My last pick might as well take the flyer - Chris Varner

10.07 QB Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Well, this worked out lovely for me. Stafford falls into my lap somehow. I like this pick for my QB because I know that I’m going to get good volume and the Lions usually try and throw the ball into the end zone. Pretty much guaranteed 4,000 yards passing each year. Solid late round production. - Johnny Slokes

10.08 RB Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers

I still believe Ty Montgomery is the most versatile back in Green Bay. If it wasn’t for the injury he wouldn’t have lost his spot and going into next year I’m counting on him to reclaim his position atop the depth chart. - Telmo Costa


10.09 QB Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

It’s easy for me to say, but I believe this was the steal of the draft. Every season that Cam Newton has started all 16 games he has finished as a top 5 QB, with the exception of 2016. He is super dynamic and although it is a 6pt per passing TD league, his rush yards alone will make up for that deficit. I'm ecstatic to get a top QB this late in the draft. - Logan Mihoci

10.10 QB Jared Goff  L.A. Rams

I was licking my chops for Cam Newton, but I missed him by one pick. After a pretty bad rookie year, Goff came out swinging his throwing arm for 3,804 yards and 28 touchdowns in only 15 games. Projected to be in the 4,200 yard and around the same amount of TDs in 2018, he will be fine. He won't have the rushing and rushing TDs that Newton has, but I trust Goff a little more than Winston here. - John McGlynn

10.11 Adam Shaheen TE Chicago Bears

If you follow me on Twitter you are probably privy to the fact I like to draft a late lottery pick and stream the TE position. It came down to a few guys for me... Doyle, Njoku, and Shaheen. Ultimately I went with Shaheen. I believe the Bears and Trubisky will have a surge in offense with new HC and Ex Chiefs OC Matt Nagy. Even under the poor offense of John Fox last year, Shaheen led the Bears with 3 RZ Tds. He did this on limited playing time. I think Shaheen can thrive just like Kelce has these past few years in KC. - Steve Behlman

10.12 QB Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

When you needed Rivers to put up an okay game, he would end up putting up a top 5 QB performance, but if you needed him to perform, well let’s just say there would have been 20 other QBs you’d rather play. I’m happy with Rivers here and is a great QB to be switching in and out with Cousins. - Matt Bradley


Here is everyone's final thoughts on the mock:


Matt Bradley @mattjbrad910

 QB: Kirk Cousins, Philip Rivers

RB: Todd Gurley, Lamar Miller, Jamaal Williams, Bilal Powell

WR: Jordy Nelson, Alshon Jeffery, Pierre Garcon

TE: Gronk

Going into this mock, I wanted to keep my team balanced, have a solid RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2 and serviceable TE combined with two super late QBs. Gurley will be the guy carrying my team and my RBs with probably a platoon with Miller (who performed a lot better when Watson was health) and Jamaal Williams. Gronkowski threw a wrench in my plays but he does give me a TE advantage each and every week (especially in PPR). WR corps is a little shaky with relying on a 32-year-old Jordy to still put up WR1 numbers as well as Jeffery staying health and continues to get his TD shares. But then again their QBs are Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz. I think I’ll be fine with a safe floor and high upside in Pierre Garcon. Overall, very very happy with this team.


Steve Behlman Jr. @redraftwarrior

 QB: Jimmy Garoppolo

RB: Ezekiel Elliott , Derrius Guice, Tevin Coleman, Tarik Cohen

WR: Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Nelson Agholor

TE: Adam Shaheen

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way this team came out. Because I waited a round too long on a few of my so-called “Safety picks”, I ended up with a lot more high upside guys than I would have liked. With it still being early, there are still a lot of unknowns yet to come. I look forward to the next mock when we get a little closer to the Rookie Draft.


John McGlynn @jfmcglynn

QB: Jared Goff

RB: Le'Veon Bell, Saquon Barkley, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb

WR: Allen Robinson, Juju Smith-Schuster, Corey Davis, Cooper Kupp

TE: Travis Kelce

This is very tough to pick the best team in a 10 round draft. Everyone's team is excellent. I feel that a few of my players like Corey Davis, Saquon Barkley, and possibly Nick Chubb could really pan out. I expect excellence as usual from LeVeon Bell and Travis Kelce. Carlos Hyde, Allen Robinson, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Cooper Kupp have the feels of even better years than their previous ones, and hopefully, Jared Goff shows no signs of regression. I'm very happy with my team, and with a little luck, this team could be top tier.


Logan Mihoci @KnowItAllFF

QB: Cam Newton

RB: Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, Alex Collins, Marshawn Lynch

WR: Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Cameron Meredith

TE: Evan Engram

I really liked how my draft turned out through 10 rounds. I am very high on Brandin Cooks and Jay Ajayi coming into 2018 so landing both of them with two of the safest number ones right now in Howard and Brown all on the same team have me very comfortable with this team. And I also believe that Cam could end up being the steal of the draft. Anytime he is the 12th QB taken in a draft, I feel that’s an incredible value. All in all, I really like this team and it’d be interesting to see how it played out in 2018.


Telmo Costa (1) @DFF_TelmoTalks 

QB: Aaron Rodgers

RB: David Johnson, Devonta Freeman, Isaiah Crowell, Ty Montgomery

WR: Stefon Diggs, Will Fuller, Michael Crabtree, Marvin Jones

TE: Zach Ertz

My focus here was to build an elite team while targeting WRs late. I would say this worked out well, absolutely love this team. Might not have the elite WRs others do but they are a solid bunch. In combination with the rest of this team, I see a strong contender here.


Johnny Slokes @JohnnySlokes

QB: Matthew Stafford

RB: Mark Ingram, Jerick Mckinnon, Samaje Perine, Theo Riddick

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Robert Woods

TE: Greg Olsen

I was really trying to see how waiting until the 3rd to take a RB would look like. As you can see I was able to land Mark Ingram with some question marks behind him. I think Jerick McKinnon could have an opportunity to start somewhere and it will be interesting to see how Perine looks with Alex Smith at QB. Overall, it’s hard to hate a team with Hopkins, Julio, and Ingram on it.


Chris Varner @ffstatman

QB: Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes

RB: Alvin Kamaara ,Ameer Abdullah, Rashaad Penny, Marlon Mack

WR: AJ Green, Julien Edelman, Marquise Goodwin

TE: George Kittle

I took a lot of risk in this draft but overall I'm happy with the outcome. I believe Rashaad Penny will prove to be the best back in this draft and Goodwin and Edelman will prove to be value picks. Kittle is going to be a huge red zone target for Garoppolo and I was very happy to acquire him late. Being realistic tho I would grade this as a C+ draft with the upside of a B+.


Mike Fanelli @MikeSports22

 QB: Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger

RB: Derrick Henry, Kenyan Drake, Ronald Jones II, James White

WR: Odell Beckham Jr., T.Y. Hilton, Larry Fitzgerald

TE: Jordan Reed

Overall, I was fairly happy with my team. My receivers are more veteran proven guys while I have a ton of upside at running back. Between Luck and Roethlisberger, I won’t ever have to look at the quarterback waiver wire while still having a top-five upside guy every week no matter the matchup. Getting Reed in the 12th round was a steal despite his injury history. If he can stay healthy he should have gone in round five, if not I’ll stream tight ends.


Telmo Costa (2) @DFF_TelmoTalks

QB: Drew Brees

RB: Kareem Hunt, Christian McCaffrey, Chris Carson, DeMarco Murray

WR: Davante Adams, Dez Bryant, Devin Funchess, Jamison Crowder

TE: Kyle Rudolph

Eh... This is a team that would benefit from another 10 rounds. I started off aiming for high floors but on paper, this team just looks boring. I like all the players I got but none of them stand out as game-winners other than my first 2 picks which I expect big things from. (Hunt and McCaffrey) This team should be fine to compete during the season but in the rounds after our 10 here, it would be best to target some high upside players, even if they are risky.


Kegan Miller @kmill5thdown

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Melvin Gordon, LeSean McCoy, C.J. Anderson, Wayne Gallman

WR: Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, Sterling Shepard

TE: Delanie Walker

I tried to try and have a balanced approach and I feel like I succeeded. Getting 2 top notch running backs gives me a huge advantage. I also felt like I got great values at wide receiver and would feel very comfortable going into the season with this squad. DT is a guy I think could end up benefiting a lot if the Broncos land a quality QB.


Greg Ha @FantasyTake

 QB: Russell Wilson

RB: Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixon, Duke Johnson, Rex Burkhead

WR: Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Emmanuel Sanders, Robby Anderson

TE: Jimmy Graham

While a few players I selected have question marks, I feel that every single player has top 10 potential. Rex Burkhead is an intriguing selection as we don’t know where he ends up next year. His value obviously takes a big hit if the Patriots elect not to sign him. I can see Duke Johnson finally getting his well-deserved increase in touches, which would likely lock him into a top 10 weekly PPR finish more often than not. Jimmy Graham will remain an end zone beast. Keenan Allen and Adam Thielen are both target monsters who will likely repeat top 10 finishes if they can stay healthy. Overall, I think I will be in contention for the title in this league if a few things go my way.


Aadi Kadakia @LockerRInsider

QB: Carson Wentz 

RB: Dalvin Cook, Dion Lewis, Chris Thompson, D’Onta Foreman

WR: Michael Thomas, Josh Gordon, Dede Westbrook, Martavis Bryant

TE: Hunter Henry

I am feeling pretty good about this mock, though I do see a lot of very high ceiling, yet very low floor players on this list. Gordon, Westbrook, Foreman, Bryant are all young studs with the chance to have a big year, but could all flop. Dion Lewis is good but has had injury problems. Very happy with the value of these players, but there is definitely some risk. Cook and Thompson should be PPR machines and Thomas should continue to rise. Henry will be a big-time player, as he will likely take over the starting role and be a red zone threat for Philip Rivers. Overall, I am more than content with this draft, though if it continued, I would have to go after some sure-fire picks to keep this team balanced.


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