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EPISODE 10 SHOW 66: Mock Recap+Draft Strategy

In our latest draft strategy installment we recap some of our picks in the mock draft we did last week as well as dive into some draft strategy talk a little bit and how we used them in this mock draft. Mock season is starting to heat up and so are we!!


EPISODE 9 SHOW 65: June Mock Draft (all rounds)

This is part 1 of our mock draft covering the first 6 rounds and then an additional installation of the final 6 rounds as well as some dart throws at the end. Come see our mock!

EPISODE 8 SHOW 64: June Mock Draft 1.0 (rounds 1-6)

June is here and summer is in the air! You know what else is in the air? A brand new episode of The 5th Down! That's right! In this one Johnny, K-Mill and Casey go over some draft strategy and do a 6 round mock draft. The format was 12 team PPR, we each took turns picking. Come see what's in store!!


EPISODE 7 SHOW 63: NFL Draft Aftermath parts 1 & 2

We put together part 1 and 2 of our NFL Draft Aftermath into one big episode nearly 5 hours long! In the first part Johnny and K-Mill go over the NFC with player by player analysis. And in the second part Johnny brought on Casey to help cover the AFC.

EPISODE 6 SHOW 62: NFL Draft Aftermath pt. 2

In this episode K-Mill was absent so we brought in someone new, his name is Casey and you can follow him on Twitter @FantasySCentral . Him and Johnny go over the AFC player by player analysis. Come on in and see what we had to say!

EPISODE 5 SHOW 61: NFL Draft Aftermath pt. 1

After about a month layoff we are back with an all new episode and we are giving our initial thoughts about each team in the NFC! We go from team to team talking for entirely too long about each one of their players. We totally got heavy in this one!! #ExtraDownAdvantage

EPISODE 4 SHOW 60: Was the Lemon Worth the Squeeze? 

New episode of The 5th Down FF is up!! In this one Johnny Slokes and K-Mill take a look back at the final standings and compare players and where they finished to what their ADP was last year and we also take a quick early peek at what their ADP is in April and what our thoughts are on these players going into 2017.

EPISODE 3 SHOW 59: Rookie Round Up /w TJ Smith

In Episode 3 show 59 TJ Smith from his war room to ours, takes over our show to talk with us a little bit of rookies that could make an impact in the 2017 season and beyond. Lots of great football talk in this one as we all break it down by position, who do we like? Come in and find out!

EPISODE 2 SHOW 58: Free Agency Frenzy Afterthoughts

After the crazy free agency weekend, K-Mill and Johnny Slokes give their thoughts and opinions for each free agent. We try to interpret what is happening to give all you guys that #ExtraDownAdvantage . Basically it was a news and notes episode to get everyone caught up!

EPISODE 1 SHOW 57: Off Season Strategy

The new league year has started for the NFL so what better way to come out with our first episode into the 2017 season! Johnny Slokes and K-Mill give some tips and tricks on how to improve at being a fantasy football player during the off season



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