Who Would You Rather: Keenan Allen or Sammy Watkins?


By: Robert Wykowski


August 17, 2017

> > > > Late in the 3rd round/ 4th round your fantasy draft you are looking to add depth at receiver but you must choose between injury plagued players Keenan Allen and Sammy Watkins. Who would you rather take in the draft? 

        Keenan Allen was drafted in the 3rd round by the Los Angeles Chargers during the 2013 NFL Draft. Keenan has yet to play a full season since entering the league after suffering a broken collarbone in 2014, in 2015 Allen played only 8 games after experiencing a kidney injury that would sideline him for the rest of the season, and played only 1 game in 2016 after suffering an ACL tear. Allen has missed 26 career games since 2013, and must prove he can remain healthy and return to the style of play he showcased before the injuries. If healthy Allen could be a top 6 wideout in the league. Keenan Allen has the 31st easiest schedule among WRs for the 2017 season. Allen is project 84 receptions for 973 yards while receiving 6 touchdowns for a total of 129.8 points for the fantasy season.

        Sammy Watkins was drafted in the 1st round with the 4th overall pick by the Buffalo Bills in the 2014 NFL Draft. Buffalo traded away Watkins and their 2018 sixth-round pick in exchange for cornerback E.J Gaines and the Las Angeles Rams 2018 second-round pick. Watkins has battled both a calf injury and a broke a small bone in his foot the last 2 seasons causing him to miss 11 games in his career since 2014. Watkins has the 11th easiest schedule among WRs for the 2017 season. Sammy is projected to have 65 receptions for 972 yards while receiving 6 touchdowns. Though Goff doesn’t quite fit Watkins’ skill set, Watkins should be looked at as a low-end WR2.  

        Personally, I would draft Keenan Allen if he could remain healthy is a solid receiver who continues to play tough and fight for the extra yards. Yes, injuries are and issue but if he can remain healthy he should be able to have a career year and play the entire 2017 season. If healthy Allen can be a deep ball threat being able to catch 30 passes 20+ yards down field.

Which injury plagued receiver would you draft on your team? Chargers own Keenan Allen or newly acquired Rams receiver Sammy Watkins?
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