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Who Would you Rather: Eric Ebron or Jack Doyle?

By: Robert Wykowski


August 8, 2017

> > > With many fantasy football drafts occurring almost daily for the next couple weeks, who would you rather draft as your tight end? Detroit’s Eric Ebron or Indianapolis’ Jack Doyle?

        Detroit drafted Eric Ebron with the 10th pick in the 1st round of the 2014 NFL draft. Ebron has improved each and every season since entering the league, from just 248 yards his rookie season to 711 yards last season. Ebron has yet to play a full season after experiencing both ankle and knee injuries. Eric Ebron has the 10th easiest schedule among tight ends for the 2017 season. Ebron is expected to contribute heavily in the red zone after the team lost wide receiver Anquan Bolden. Ebron is projected to have 701 yards as well as 4 touchdowns. He will need to work on his dropped passes if he looks to continue improving in the future. If Ebron can stay healthy and contribute to the red zone, he could be primed for a big fantasy break out season. 

      Jack Doyle was an undrafted free agent out of Western Kentucky in 2013. Doyle has the 27th easiest schedule among tight ends heading into the 2017 season. During the 2016 season Doyle had 584 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. With Dwayne Allen being traded to the Patriots this offseason, Jack Doyle should receive some more targets. Andre Luck targets his tight ends over 20 percent of the time every season and over 30% of the time in the redzone. During the 2017 season Doyle is projected 580 receiving yards and 5 receiving touchdowns. 

      For the 2017 season Eric Ebron is projected 94.1 points for the season while averaging 6.4 points per game. Jack Doyle is projected 86.6 points for the season while averaging 5.4 points per game. Personally I would draft Eric Ebron because he has consistently improved each season even while being injured. He will also be big in the red zone with the loss of Bolden. Ebron is big and knows how to fight for extra yards but the amount of dropped passes is a concern. 

      So, with the clock ticking on who you would draft as your fantasy tight end. Who would you rather take? Detroit’s Eric Ebron or Indianapolis’ Jack Doyle?
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